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About J.Malki  

The Malki family roots origin more than 200 years ago in Livorno, Italy in which they pioneered in production of natural soaps based on olive oil, palm oil and coconut oil.

In the early 1900’s, the Malkis relocated and continued to produce natural soaps in Rhodes and Turkey.

In 1948, the Malki family came to Israel, and up until today, they continue to manufacture pure natural soaps on their agricultural farm in Beit Dagan, where they grow various medicinal herbs & olives.
The Malki family were also the first to discover the special properties of the Dead Sea for skincare use, and are the first company ever to produce skincare products based on the Dead Sea minerals, salt and mud.
The soaps and skincare products produced by J. Malki Products are respected worldwide and have won numerous prizes and awards for being one of the best skincare products in the world.
Today you can find J. Malki products in various countries around the world including the UK at Boots, Japan & Europe.